Gray Granite

Vermont’s Masterpiece



Barre’s granite is the finest quality gray granite available on the market. Sought after worldwide for its fine grain, even texture, and superior weather resistance, it is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish.

Its exceptional carving capacity makes Barre Gray ideal for stone sculpture artists, allowing them to capture intricate details.

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44° 9’ 18.3996” N
72° 28’ 49.9836” W

Made from
our land

Located in Washington County, Vermont, Barre is celebrated as the world’s granite capital, home to a premium granite source that stood untouched for millions of years.

Over the past 200 years, Barre’s granite industry has been extracting premium granite blocks that undergo an extremely rigorous quality control process to ensure color consistency and natural attributes that are free of imperfections.

An appearance
set in stone

Considered by experts and sculptors to be the finest and strongest granite in the world, Barre’s long-lasting appearance is absolutely unmatched by any other granite. Its unique mineral composition and proportion of quartz and feldspars create a consistently perfect, durable, and weather-resistant material that stands the test of time.

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Never under
the weather

With its low absorption level, Barre Gray granite has exceptional moisture resistance, making it far less likely to stain. This ensures the stone stays in optimal condition for a longer period of time compared to other types of granite.

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Standing tall

Barre Gray granite is available in a size range that no other granite can match, with blocks up to 50 feet long without any color variations or imperfections.

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